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JAX Woodworkers Club


Jax Woodworkers Club

Jacksonville, Florida

Our Mission

The cornerstones of JAX Woodworkers Club are friendship and fellowship for all woodworkers of the Jacksonville, Florida area.  We meet monthly to share woodworking ideas and projects, to encourage and support each other at all skill levels, and to work together in our annual community outreach:  The Christmas Toy Project.  Throughout the year, we build toys that are donated during the November meeting to different charities, hospitals and their related organizations.  Our annual goal is to build and donate more toys than we made the previous year to these deserving children.

The Jax Woodworkers Club needs your help with our Christmas Toy Project.

  • In 2007 we donated 1,919 toys to 11 local agencies
  • In 2008 we donated 2,336 toys to local organizations.
  • In 2009 we donated 3,229 toys to 10 local agencies.
  • In 2010 we donated 4,692 toys to 16 local agencies.
  • In 2011 we donated 3,093 toys to 14 area agencies.
  • In 2012 we donated 3,466 toys to 15 agencies.
  • In 2013 we donated 4,474 toys to 21 agencies.
  • In 2014 we donated 5,074 toys to 20 agencies
  • In 2015 we donated 4,807 toys to 19 agencies
  • In 2016 we donated 4,435 toys to 18 agencies.
In the past 23 years, the club has made well over 40,500 toys. The club furnishes the plans and the wheels. It’s never too late to get started to make kids happy.

In 2010 the Jax Woodworkers Club was honored to be recognized by the City of Jacksonville for 20 years of building toys for the needy children of Jacksonville. We were presented with a Resolution .

Size of Club

All people are welcome: beginners to expert.  All it takes is an interest in making sawdust.  We have approximately 65 paid members.  Normal meeting attendance is 35-40 members and 3-4 guests.  We encourage membership attendance by having a volunteer committee of phone callers who contact each member two days prior to the meeting as a reminder.

Typical Meeting

We meet the third Saturday of each month at St. Catherine's Episcopal Church at 4758 Shelby Ave., Jacksonville, FL. 32210.  Most of our members arrive in time to have lunch together.  At Noon we have an informal time of sharing news, celebrating the month's birthdays, and just getting to know one another. At 1 PM the meeting is called to order. A business meeting is conducted which includes committee updates, tools for sale and tools needed, a monthly theme of Show and Tell, and door prizes.

Members are encouraged to bring any of their wood projects to share with the membership during the "Show and Tell" feature time.  We enjoy seeing your successful projects we also learn from our mistakes.

Yearly Dues

The annual dues are from January through December and are $15.00.  We use the dues collected to purchase wooden wheels and axles which we give to members so they can build toys.

 Meeting Location:

We would like to thank the following for helping us meet our goals:

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